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NEBOSH International Diploma Course and its impact on the professional career

Completing NEBOSH International Diploma Course in Chennai and getting certification from this program is not an easy task or something that can be done by just anyone and everyone. It is the dream of many to undergo the NEBOSH International Diploma Training program, so as to have a career in the field of safety and health. The reason is because, the workplace is always in danger of risks emerging out of nowhere and at any point of time. It is important for every organization to take adequate safety measures to protect both life and property.  To achieve this and to ensure greater safety, they are likely to hire the NEBOSH experts who are well versed in safety and health aspects. Candidates who are globally certified are preferred the most.


Recruiting the very best in the industry

There is indeed a huge demand for candidates who have successfully completed and qualified the NEBOSH International Diploma Course in Chennai and has earned the certification. The candidates should be in a position to give their very best to the workplace and be able to enhance the existing safety measures. At the same time, they also should comply with the existing and the government required safety and health policies. Also, they need to be deal with the different challenges that emerges every now and then, with great dexterity and confidence. Safety of the fellow workers should be their top concern and for this they need to implement everything that they have learnt at the NEBOSH International Diploma Training program.


An esteemed certification

It is without doubt that the NEBOSH International Diploma Course in Chennai once completed offers the candidate with the much esteemed and globally recognized certification. The international certificate availed by the candidate is of great use to the organization. The professional is expected to fulfill his duties, much to the expectation of the management and the employer. The candidate commands high respect at the workplace, just because, he has undergone the NEBOSH International Diploma Course in Chennai.

Why undergo the NEBOSH International Diploma Course in Chennai?

Although there are other courses present, the NEBOSH international course is preferred by both employers and candidates is because of its demand and ready acceptance in the global market. This course offers the candidates with higher education level. It prepares the candidates to deal with health and safety issues effortlessly. The candidates through the course are the taught to learn and apply practical knowledge.

They are taught skills like identifying hazards, applying legal and organizational standards. The other aspects that they get to learn from the course are to examine all types of risks and evaluate them. This way, they can implement the right techniques to protect the workers and enhance the overall safety aspect. The course also trains them to employ appropriate means of control, to supervise performance, motivate workforce. It also includes conducting risk assessments.

Hence, undergoing this amazing course is sure to take both the organization and the individual to the next level.

NEBOSH International Diploma Syllabus

NEBOSH International Diploma is divided into four units, each of which is assessed separately

• Principles of Health & Safety Management
• Loss causation & Incident Investigation
• Identifying Hazards, Assessing & Evaluating Risk
• Risk Control & Emerging Planning
• Organizational Factors
• Human Factors
• Regulating Health & Safety
• Measuring Health & Safety performance

• Principles of Toxicology and Epidemiology
• Hazardous Substances and Other Chemicals - Assessment of Risk
• Hazardous Substances and Other Chemicals - Engineering Controls and Personal Protective Equipment
• Monitoring and Measuring
• Biological Agents
• Physical Agents 1 – Noise & Vibration
• Physical Agents 2 – Radiation
• Psycho – Social Agents
• Musculoskeletal Risks and Controls
• Work Environment Risks and Controls
• Managing Occupational Health

General Workplace issues
• Principles of Fire & Explosion
• Workplace Fire Risk Assessment
• Storage, Handling & Processing of Dangerous substances
• Work Equipment
• Machinery Safety
• Mechanical Handling
• Electrical Safety
• Safety in Construction & Demolition
• Environmental Pollution & Waste Management

• Regulatory Framework
• Health & Safety Management System
• Identification & Discussion of Hazards
• Risk Assessment
• Conclusions
• Recommendations
• Action Plans
• Executive Summary
• References
• Word Count
• Training Methodology

NEBOSH International Diploma
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